Establishing rapport

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1. What is rapport?
What is rapport?
  • Rapport is when a person trusts you and feels that you understand their needs.
You need to build rapport by demonstrating:
  • Your non-judgemental acceptance of the person
  • That you are genuine and trustworthy
  • That you can empathetically put yourself in their shoes
  • You need rapport with a person so that they share the information that you need to help them
Establishing rapport
  • Your body language is important in demonstrating your acceptance, genuineness and empathy.
  • A positive body language can help to put the person at ease and make it easier for them to engage with you
    • It can help to establish rapport
2. What is positive body language?

What is body positive language?  A relaxed posture, a warm and relaxing style, lean in slightly whilst the person is speaking, don't cross your arms, keep your head up and make eye contact (it is especially important to remember this if you are using a computer taking notes).

3. Video

Please watch this video by Eleanor Shakiba : What is rapport?


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