Learning outcomes

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Welcome to the Good conversations and empathy learning module:

This module will help you yo have a good conversation with someone who is seeking information about health and wellbeing.  A good conversation is a person-centred conversation: it has that person's needs, wants and desires and goals at its centre.  It incolves listening, thinking together and jointly agreeing the best way forward.

Communication is a skill that that needs practice

At the end of this module you will:

appreciate the qualities that support a helpful conversation.  Understand how to apply principles and techniques which demonstrate empathy and enable a good conversation to take place.  Have a grasp of approaches which can help in engaging with people with particular communication difficulties.

This module will take you up to 1 hour to complete. There are reflective and practical workbook exercises throughout. 

In the Workbook and certificate of completion section at the end of the module, you can:

1) Complete a summative assessment quiz.On passing the summative quiz you will receive an email with a link to your certificate.

2) Optionally,  complete the workbook exercises.

There are reflective and practical workbook exercises throughout. These are optional. You may make local arrangements to review or discuss your workbook exercises, on a one to one basis with a mentor or in facilitated group discussion.

Access the workbook exercises here .


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