Telephone calls

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Pros Cons
  • Practical for people who can’t attend face-to-face due to e.g. travel, childcare, social anxiety
  • Most people have telephones
  • Does not use up data/wifi
  • Cannot see the person at all – harder to gauge responses or manage silences.
  • This requires particular skills in verbal communication and picking up verbal cues, e.g. intonation, choice of words etc.
  • Can’t demonstrate resources
Do's Don'ts
  • Consider using headphones to help ensure confidentiality
  • Check that the person can hear you adequately
  • Assure the person that the call is not recorded
  • Find alternative methods to share resources e.g. post
  • Multitask whilst working with a person online
  • Assume that the person will call back if connection is lost
  • Use your personal phone (the person may contact you)
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