Workbook exercise (2)

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Workbook exercise Workbook Exercise

Workbook exercise (2)

Now that you have learned about communicating with remote technology, please reflect on how you could support people by using remote technology.


Jake is an unemployed man in his twenties, living alone in one of the deprived areas of Edinburgh. He phones to ask you for information for a friend about overcoming drug addiction. He has a smartphone, but no wifi in his home. He uses his smartphone for calls, texts and instant messaging.

Jake isn’t keen on coming into the library in person.

What communication options would you suggest to Jake?


Maeve is a 78-year-old lady living in a remote part of Ayrshire. She has COPD and would like to join a Words for Wellbeing group but is not able to travel into the library. Maeve’s daughter has given her a tablet, which she uses for Facetime and email. She’s never used Zoom or MS Teams, but is willing to give it a try.

How would you support Maeve to use a video-conferencing platform (e.g. Zoom or MS Teams) to join a Words for Wellbeing group?

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