Why we need health literacy tools and techniques

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1. Why do we need Health Literacy tools and techniques

“Imagine being put into a world where you can’t understand the language, you don’t know what is going on and you’ve got no way of understanding.  It’s like being put in a foreign country and they all speak a different language.  That’s what health literacy is, we take it so much for granted.”  Jason Leitch, National Clinical Director​  ​

2. The problem with communication

Research has shown that in a GP consultation:

Yes doctor I understand (err...not sure...)
People will nod their heads and say they understand, rather than admit they don't.
3. Workbook exercise (2)

Workbook Workbook Exercise

Workbook exercise (2)

Think of a time when you were given a lot of information, about your health or someone you care for.

How did it feel? How did you react? What would have helped you to understand the information?

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