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1. Why is it important to improve health literacy?

Why it is important to improve health literacy?  Leads to improved health and better health outcomes for people, better understaning of medication information leads to effective treatment and less waste, early diagnosis of diseases such as cancer, less hospital admissions

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The following video explains why health literacy is important:

2. Health literacy in Scotland

The Scottish Government recognise the need to improve Health Literacy levels in Scotland and have created these Action Plans. 

making it easier

Find out more about the current

 Making it Easier plan 7   (2017 -2025)

3. Health literacy in practice

Health literacy is also embedded in the Chief Medical ​ Officer’s Realising Realistic Medicine annual reports 6

People should have the skills to:

  • Be involved in decision making about their health.  This will lead to more personalised care and reduction of variation in procedures and medication waste.

  • Reducing health inequalities
Realistic Medicine
4. Workbook exercise (1)

Workbook Workbook Exercise

Workbook exercise (1)

Think about your own work setting, identify two key groups you work with who may be at risk of low health literacy.

What do you currently do to support them with their health literacy?

Are there any other steps you think you could take?

The remainder of this module will look at tools and techniques you can use to support people with their health literacy.

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