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1. Meet Rahul

Rahul is a 64 year old man who has been experiencing chronic low back pain over the past two years, following a minor accident. Despite taking his prescribed medicines he is still in pain, and feeling increasingly depressed. He also suffers from hypertension and atrial fibrillation and is now concerned about keeping track of all his medicines. 

Rahul calls the library to ask if they can help. He wants digital resources that he can access from home, and doesn’t want to read more information leaflets. Really he is looking for some digital tools that  he can interact with to get help for his  specific personal needs.

2. Workbook exercise (6)

Workbook Workbook Exercise

Workbook exercise (6)

Before going any further in this course, take a few minutes to note down the resources you would recommend at this time to help Rahul.  How did you learn about these resources?

Come back to this exercise once you have worked through the following sections and make a note of anything you would now do differently.

3. Helping Rahul

David is the library staff member who takes Rahul’s call. He uses his knowledge of accessible, quality assured digital tools to recommend:

  • The NHS inform self-help guide for chronic pain 14   This provides a cognitive behavioural approach to support people to live with chronic pain.
  • The open access Silvercloud suite of mental wellbeing resources 15  provided by the NHS.
  • David also explains that Rahul’s GP can refer him to access digital therapy specifically for depression– e.g. Beating the Blues digital tool 16  
  • The  Polypharmacy: Manage Medicines app from NHS Scotland  (download from Google Play  and Apple   stores). This app supports people taking multiple medicines to self-manage and to discuss their medicines with their healthcare professional.
  • David and Rahul have a quick Teams call so that David can show him how to access these resources. Then David emails Rahul the list of links, and encourages him to call back with any further questions.
4. Finding quality assured digital tools and apps
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