Identifying resources

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1. Karen's information needs

In the previous topic we met Karen who has Type 2 Diabetes.  You will recall Karen would like to know:

  • What causes Type 2 Diabetes and treatment options​
  • If diet and exercise can help manage her diabetes?​
  • Details of support groups she can join
2. What is Type 2 Diabetes and how is it treated?

What is Type 2 Diabetes and how is it treated?

3. Recommended resource 1 - NHS Inform

For background information on condition, symptoms and treatment options.

NHS Inform is the first place to go for trusted Scottish health information 

NHS Inform

4. Workbook exercise (4)

Workbook Workbook Exercise

Workbook exercise (4)

Go to NHS Inform and explore the website

Tell us 3 things you learned about NHS Inform

5. Can diet and exercise help with my diabetes?

Can diet and exercise help manage my diabetes?

6. Recommended resource 2 - Diabetes Scotland

Third sector topic expert websites such as:

Diabetes UK 3  

British Heart Foundation 4 

Kidney Research UK 5
Diabetes Scotland


7. Recommended resource 3: My Diabetes, my way
  • My Diabetes, My Way  8  is the NHS Scotland interactive diabetes website to support people who have diabetes. 
  • It contains leaflets, videos, educational tools and games about diabetes.  
  • People can use the website to gain their own up-to-date diabetes clinic results to help manage their condition more effectively.  
8. Recommended resource 4 - Going in the right direction

You can find details of third sector organisations that represent the most common long term conditions in Scotland in the “Going in the Right Direction Toolkit” 6  

Going in the right direction
9. Recommended resource 5 - Cochrane reviews

Cochrane Reviews 10 are evidence summaries created by patients, researchers and health professionals.​

Cochrane Reviews | Cochrane Library 

They are regarded as the gold standard of clinical evidence, so highly trustworthy.  They also have access to plain English Summaries.


10. Recommended resource 6: SIGN Patient Information sources
  • SIGN 11  is the national source of healthcare guidelines for NHS Scotland.
  • Go here for patient booklets, for example, “Managing Diabetes12  These explain the clinical guidelines so people can understand the latest evidence about their diagnosis, treatment and self care.

11. Where can I find a Diabetes support group?

Where can I find a diabetes support group?

12. Recommended resource 7 - ALISS

ALISS 13 (A Local Information System for Scotland) 13 is a national resource, funded by Scottish Government and produced by the Alliance. It provides details of services, groups and activities by entering a place or postcode. 

13. Workbook exercise (5)

Workbook Workbook Exercise

Workbook exercise (5)

Explore ALISS  and find details of a Diabetes support for Karen in Glasgow

Record in your workbook how you found this support group and anything you learned about ALISS.

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