Providing quality assured information

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1. Your service as a gateway to trusted information

Libraries and third sector information services provide a valuable role as access points to trusted information. Digital health information resources are constantly evolving, so knowing where to search online, can be challenging.

2. The misinformation infodemic

The COVID pandemic has seen an escalation of fake news and misinformation. Now more than ever,  it is vital that people know they can rely on libraries and third sector services as sources of trusted information. 

“We're not just fighting a pandemic; we're fighting an infodemic”          Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus, WHO's director-general garlic


3. COVID-19 mythbusters

This video from the WHO 1 looks at some of the myths around COVID-19 and the importance of using trusted health information sources

4. Evaluating health information

Evaluating health information it is important that health information is relevant, non-biased, up-to-date, reliable.

5. Checklist

Below is a version of this checklist from MedlinePlus 3  , which is a useful tool to use when evaluating online health information sources.  A copy of this can be downloaded here 

checklist 1

Who is responsible for the website? Look at the About Is page for clues.

Is it  UK website?

Is it a registered charity?

checklist 2

Who funds the site?

Are there adverts?

checklist 3

Who writes the content? Is it reviewed by health professionals? Does it display references?

When was it created? Is it up to date?

Is the author trying to promote a particular view? Is it biased?

Does it have quality accreditation or information standard?



6. Workbook exercise (3)

Workbook Workbook Exercise (3)

Take a few minutes to look at this website:​  

Evaluate the website using the MedlinePlus checklist 3   

(A copy of the checklist is in your workbook)

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