Stage 1: Opening the session

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Important tasks at the start of all session 

  1. Create a safe and welcoming environment.
  2. Welcome people as they arrive.
  3. Opening words – These will set the tone of the session.
    1. Group welcome
    2. State purpose of session
    3. Practicalities – timings, breaks etc. 
  4. Introductions and involvement – ask people to introduce themselves in a way that involves them in the process and helps to build connections. For example : “Please share your name, what you would like to get from today’s session, and one word to describe how you are feeling just now.”
  5. Ground-Rules:
    1. Clarity about terms of engagement and boundaries.
    2. Housekeeping – e.g. raise hand to speak, don’t interrupt others. In an online environment, stay on mute while others are speaking, raise virtual hands or use Chat to contribute to discussion.

In this video, Juliet shares her approach to defining terms of engagement and boundaries for a words for wellbeing session.

In the second part of this video, Juliet talks to Stephen about how to structure the start of your words for wellbeing session to set it up for success.

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