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1. Connection

During a words for wellbeing session you will use the facilitator qualities and skills covered in this section to connect with people to help them to:

  • Lower defensive barriers that block communication.
  • Feel that their experiences and emotions are validated.
  • Feel that they belong and are accepted for who they are.
  • Acknowledge and express their feelings
2. Helping people to make connections

Some ways to help people to feel connected include:

  • Highlight commonality between participants in their comments on what they have read, or in issues they share about their lives.
  • Encourage participants to make the connections – for example, ‘Thanks for sharing, Jane. Does anyone else have a similar reaction to this story? Let’s hear another response.’
  • Participants can invite others to make suggestions or share resources.
  • Try breaking into pairs or small groups for focused discussion then sharing feedback with the larger group.
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