Evidence for Words for Wellbeing

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There is robust evidence from systematic reviews - the gold standard of healthcare evidence - that Words for Wellbeing can support a range of health and wellbeing needs. Several national guidelines for NHS Scotland and NHS England produced by SIGN and NICE recommend this approach.​ ​

Words for wellbeing approaches have been used successfully to support people with:​

  • Mild to moderate depression or anxiety.​
  • Grief and bereavement​
  • Stress​
  • Self-harm​
  • Social isolation​
  • Alcohol and drug dependency​
  • Eating disorders​
  • Obsessive compulsive disorder​
  • Staying independent in later life​
  • Self-managing with long term health conditions including chronic pain, cancer, chronic fatigue, diabetes.​ ​

Find out more in this literature review produced for the Scottish Poetry Library in a Scottish Library and Information Council project.

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