Scenario 1: disclosure of health issue

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1. Situation

Marlene is carer for her elderly mother, who has  multiple healthcare conditions, and has recently been diagnosed with macular degeneration.  Aisha in her local library is helping Marlene to find information about macular degeneration and assistive technologies that can help her mother to use the computer with her failing eyesight. 

As they talk, Marlene shares with Aisha that the stress of caring for her mother is taking a toll, and reveals that she has become addicted to high doses of Xanax. She was originally prescribed this drug for anxiety and now buys it in large quantities over the web. 

2. Response

Aisha listens carefully, reassures Marlene that the information she provides is confidential,  and asks if Marlene would like to explore information and potential support for this drug dependency. 

They identify some useful fact sheets, charities which offer support, and examples of programmes which reduce dependency in a managed way. Aisha also encourages Marlene to make an appointment with her GP or practice pharmacist.

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