Looking after yourself

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Listening to other people’s problems and trying to help them can be stressful and emotionally draining.   It is important that you look after yourself.

Make sure that you have a colleague, line manager or human resources contact to speak with, to help you to debrief and de-stress.

Juliet Ridgway-Tait, Healthy Reading Bibliotherapist with Midlothian Libraries, shares her thoughts about getting support from others and looking after your personal wellbeing when you are involved in supporting people with health and wellbeing needs. She is in conversation with Stephen Harris, Libraries Development Officer with Midlothian Council .   

Some resources you may find useful in caring for yourself are:

  • NHS Inform: Struggling with stress 
  • Feeling Good :  Free audio programme that combines relaxation with coaching to reduce stress, anxiety, depression and improve sleep
  • Sleepio :  An evidence-based sleep improvement program.
  • Daylight :  Daylight’s digital, science-backed anxiety improvement programme can help you control feelings of worry and anxiety, using proven evidence-based techniques.
  • Silvercloud :  A structured programme based on CBT that focuses on supporting your wellbeing, including managing your mental health, resilience, stress and sleep. Use code Scotland2020.
  • Living Life to the Full :  Free online courses covering low mood, stress and resilience.
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