Enabling equal access to technology

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1. Connecting Scotland programme

Connecting Scotland 5   is a Scottish Government programme set up in response to coronavirus. It provides iPads, Chromebooks and support to develop digital skills for people who are digitally excluded. Organisations can refer people without digital access, through the Connecting Scotland Programme.

2. Computer jargon
  • For someone who is new to using the internet, words such as “spam”, “upload” or “copy and paste” can be confusing for people. To support people, use simple language and explain any terms. Age UK  6  have produced this handy A – Z glossary of online terms.
3. Scenario: Claire and Ryan
Claire and Ryan Claire has regularly used the library since her son, Ryan was a toddler and they attended “Rhythm and Rhyme” classes. Ryan is now 8 years old and is starting to experience anxiety.  She wants to find out more about anxiety disorders and find resources to support Ryan when he is particularly anxious.


4. Resources to support Claire and Ryan

You suggest Claire looks at:

NHS Inform 7  which has a good introduction to anxiety disorders in children, including how to recognise the signs of anxiety and how she can help Ryan.  She can also search for local support groups using the Service Directory.

You suggest these resources for Ryan:

When I worry about things 8  – BBC Mental Health Teaching Resources

A collection of short, animated films that explore mental health from the perspective of primary age children.  Includes a video about panic attacks.

Chill Panda 9   helps children and their parents and carers understand different emotions, and introduces skills to help regulate these, including breathing techniques and calming games.

5. Workbook exercise (2)

Workbook Workbook Exercise

Workbook exercise (2)

Claire thanks you for your help and says she would like to try the resources you have suggested, particularly some of the mobile apps for Ryan. However, she explains that she is a single parent on a low income and only has a phone and a small data allowance.

Suggest how Claire and Ryan could  get access.

Hint: Explore the Connecting Scotland  website and  also think about other ways you could enable Claire and Ryan to access the websites and mobile apps.


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