Using remote technology

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Remote technology can enable you to support people who cannot physically come to you, for example if they can’t travel due to a condition or lack of suitable public transport; if they have caring responsibilities, or if they have social anxieties.

Always be mindful of

  • The person’s access to remote technologies
  • Do they have a smartphone/laptop/desktop PC and wifi.
  • Be mindful that the small screen on a smartphone may not work well for one-to-one or group discussions.
  • The person’s skills and confidence in using remote technologies

Don’t forget that most people have a phone – this can be the most accessible communication option for people who can’t attend face-to-face

Zoom and MS Teams provide a range of accessibility features, for example captions for people with hearing impairments, screen readers to make calls

Zoom accessibility features: 

MS Teams accessibility features: 

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