Health inequalities

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1. Health inequalities

Health inequalities occur in society due to uneven distribution of wealth, power and income. The pandemic has clearly revealed existing health inequalities in our society and highlighted the gap between those who are digitally connected and those that are not.

2. Health inequalities impact on health literacy
If you face health inequalities, due to factors such as:

If you face health inequalities, due to factors such as: Your age Ethnicity Gender Disability Where you live

These factors and a range of other issues,  will also impact on your ability to access health information and make informed decisions about your health. For example, if you are disabled and can’t access health information in an accessible format or if you are an older adult and can’t access information online.

3. Poorer health outcomes
4. Groups that may experience health literacy barriers

Shielding groups, people from ethnic minority communities, people whose first language is not English, Unpaid carers, People with learning disabilities, People experiencing homelessness, People with addictions, People with long term physical and mental health conditions, People with physical disabilities, Older people, Traveller groups, Families on low income.

5. Workbook exercise (1)

Workbook Workbook Exercise

Workbook exercise (1)

Think of a time when you have helped someone who was experiencing barriers to accessing health information.

What issues or barriers did they experience?

What sources did you try?

How helpful were they?

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